• Data-Driven Email Marketing
  • Programmatic RTB Display Advertising
  • SEM / PPC (Paid Search)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing

Use smart, data-driven email marketing to drive customer acquisition at scale and under budget

Define your ideal target audience and we will build it for you. From there we can plan and execute customized email campaigns to exceed your customer acquisition and revenue goals.

    • 100+ million opt-in premium data sets
    • 20+ GEOs
    • GDPR compliant
    • Segmentation options available (Targeting)
    • 12 years of experience
    • Frequent audience pool updates
    • White listing from all top email providers
    • Professional support
  • Targeting Options

    • Geo-Targeting
    • Sociodemographic
      100+ attributes
    • Interests
      100+ attributes: interest and intent data
    • Device
      All device categories
  • Gender Split

  • Age Split

Key Facts

    • Ads are visual
    • Reach large quantity of audience
    • Premium targeting technology
    • Geo targeted advertising Retarget users who visited but did not convert
    • Actionable insights Increase spending efficiency (no wasted impressions, better results) Campaign can be paused anytime (real-time auction based system) whereas traditional buying, you are liable to run the campaign across the agreed period and number of impressions
    • Real-time analytics

Key Facts

    • Immediate online visibility of your hotel Ad
    • Increase website traffic
    • Great for direct booking campaigns
    • Retention (target existing customers for returning visits)
    • Measurable ROI
    • High level of control (keywords, location, time and day, device, etc.)
    • Cost effective: pay per action while exposure is free (pay only when customers click on your ad)
    • High click-through rate

Key Facts

    • Build a community around your brand
    • Brand recognition
    • Drive traffic to website
    • Event-specific or short-term influence
    • Social Media Can Impact Your Organic Search Results
    • Social Media could reduce Your Overall Marketing Costs with the right strategy and the right tool
    • Customers Can Validate Your Business on Social Media
    • Social Media Lets You Gain the Competitive Advantage
    • With Social Media You Can Offer Better Customer Service
    • Channel for content marketing strategy

Key Facts

    • Instant results
    • Real time and historical GEO Audience Targeting
    • Convenience
    • Direct marketing
    • Ease of tracking
    • Viral potential
    • Mass communication made easy
    • Niche not saturated
    • Microblogging benefits
    • Mobile payment

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